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19 часов назад, Phiray сказал:

I'm from France. I presented myself on this topic.;)

What do you think of Khashig's words about Shalimov staying as the coach ? Should he stay of should he go ?

I'm not so sure about that. I see that the majority of fans hate him a lot now and really want him to go; also I'm not satisfied at all with our results in Europa League, and I know that our players are good - so, the problem is the coach. 

But at the same time, I understand that it won't be easy to find a good coach right now. Also, you might not know, but Sergey Galitskiy, the owner of FC "Krasnodar", only wants to work with a Russian-speaking coach. So, who is available? I don't know.

I suppose that if Galitskiy hasn't kicked out Shalimov yet, it means that he has his reasons for not doing it. Let's wait for now.


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